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What are the best ways to improve as a songwriter? Is there a point where you reach your best? A point where no matter what you do you can’t look forward to being a better songwriter?

That begs the question: How do we learn anything, in the first place? The best teachers out there are inspirational. It’s not so much that they have facts and knowledge that other teachers don’t have. It’s more a case where they possess communication skills, combined with an ability to inspire others, so that their students catch the excitement and want to do better.

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In that sense, the best teachers inspire others to pursue a topic, and in so doing, the student becomes their own best teacher, with the actual teacher serving as an inspirational role model.

Is there any equivalent in the songwriting world? Yes! The best teachers are songs themselves.

For the songwriter, a good song can do everything a good teacher does:

  1. Doesn’t give us the answer, but inspires us to want to do better.
  2. Provides a relevant example of what the finished product could sound like.
  3. Excites us.
  4. Fills our minds with ideas.
  5. Expands our minds by challenging our preconceived notions.

If you’re looking for the best way to improve your songwriting abilities, look no further than music itself. If you aren’t spending a good amount of time listening to other songs, you are missing out on your best chance to be inspired, to be instructed, and to have your musical mind challenged.

As long as you continue to listen, to be inspired, and to have your musical mind challenged, there’s no limit to how much you can improve!

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