Writing about songwriting is something I love to do, and it’s been an almost daily activity that I’ve joyfully done for the past ten years, with more than 2100 blog articles to date. I firmly believe that your best songs will come about as a result of studying and analyzing the world’s greatest hits. As a former senior instructor in music at Dalhousie University, I’m well-versed in how to properly analyze music, and I love helping others understand how that can improve your songwriting.

Easily 95% of the work I do directly or indirectly through my blog is unpaid work. That work includes writing those daily blog articles, corresponding with my readership, listening to songs and offering my advice. If you’ve found my blog or other work helpful and you want to contribute, I would appreciate it greatly.

I use PayPal for my online transactions because it is completely secure, easy to use, and does not require you to have a PayPal account.

Thank you so much in advance for your generosity.

-Gary Ewer