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Happy New Year To Everyone!

Another year is coming to a close, and I sincerely hope that it was a good one for you. I’m not usually one for new year’s resolutions; I try to think positively about whatever is to come, simply striving to do my best on a daily basis.

Sometimes I good at that, and at other times… well, thinking positively can be hard work. I suspect it’s the same for everyone!

No matter what your current circumstance, it never hurts to think positively, to set yourself some realistically exciting goals, and then get to work. Setting exciting goals might otherwise be called “resolutions”. But regardless of what you call them, I think the planning of good things for your immediate future is always a good idea.

I wish you all great success and happiness for 2020 and beyond. Work hard, take breaks, enjoy friends and family, and keep writing great songs!


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