Songwriting: Melody and lyrics

Being Prolific is Only Good If You’re Writing Good Songs

You may be the kind of songwriter that works slowly, such that by the end of the year you’ve only written a small handful of songs. It may be your norm to take your time getting your initial ideas down, and then spend a lot of time honing and crafting what you’ve written. Getting melodies […]


Why Developing a Diverse Songwriting Style is Crucial to Building a Larger Fan Base

If you like the chords-first songwriting method, you’ll want to read “Writing a Song From a Chord Progression.” It deals with the common chords-first problem of how to write a great melody straight from the chords. It’s part of “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 10-eBook Bundle. Songwriters tend to work within specific genres, even though […]


Using the Range of Your Melody to Create Musical Energy

For those who don’t create (write or perform) songs, they’d probably have a simple answer to how you generate musical energy: turn up the volume! But if you’ve been a musician for a while, whether that’s writing songs, or being involved in producing or playing them, you likely know that there’s a lot more you […]

Tuning a guitar

Don’t Ignore Your Playing When You’re Concentrating On Songwriting

Trying to get a handle on writing song lyrics? Discover the benefits of making a lyrics-first method your new go-to process with”Use Your Words! Developing a Lyrics-First Songwriting Process. It’s FREE right now when you purchase the 10-eBook Bundle. If you find yourself needing to write a lot of songs in a short period of time, it […]

Guitarist - Songwriter - Lyricist

Here’s An Easy Way to Make Sure Your Lyrics Are Working the Way They’re Supposed To

Every time you write a song, you’re communicating something to your audience. When we think of that word communicating, we automatically think of lyrics, because communication and words go hand in hand. But in good songwriting, everything you write plays a role in communicating. For example, if you want to write a nostalgic song, you need nostalgic lyrics, […]

Guitar, paper and pencil

As a Songwriter, You Need Daily Goals

As a songwriter, you could learn a lot from the companies that make and sell sports watches. These are devices that track the number of steps you take, or the distances you walk or run, as well as allowing you to set up and adhere to any number of specific sports training programs. The success […]