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Talking Your Way to Better Songwriting

When was the last time you had a talk with another songwriter? These days, especially when computers, iPads and smartphones play such an important role in songwriting and production, it’s too easy to isolate yourself and forget to communicate.

Because one-on-one communication is easy to avoid, you don’t even know that you’re missing out on a great way to improve as a composer: talking to other songwriters.

I mean talking in its simplest form; I mean simply sitting down with another writer, and talking about… writing.

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It will amaze you how stimulating and musically exciting it can be to share ideas, thoughts, opinions and point of view with someone else who’s trying to do what you’re trying to do: write better songs.

Talking and sharing thoughts means that you come away with tidbits that can help your own songwriting. You get to learn how someone else approaches writing. You might get the courage to try a new process, a new routine.

You can discuss topics you rarely get someone else’s view on: How important is music theory to their songwriting? How important is it to write every day? Which singer-songwriters do they derive the most inspiration from?

Communication expands your artistic world. It reaffirms ideas you’ve held, and may even tear down notions you’ve always believed. Communication can challenge you, in good ways.

Talking to songwriters can remind you that you’re not the only one who might find composing difficult. It can be encouraging to know that others have days and weeks where good notes are hard to find.

Songwriting forums, Reddit… online ways to communicate with others who like to share ideas are easy to find online with a simple search. And it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a live human to sit with and talk to, though you’ll have to pull yourself away from your computer to do it!

However you do it, and whatever form it takes for you, don’t diminish the importance of basic one-on-one communication as a way of improving your songwriting skills.

Gary EwerWritten by Gary Ewer. Follow Gary on Twitter.

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