Let Pride Help Dig You Out of a Creative Block

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Songwriter-GuitaristSometimes, your inner critic can make you feel that everything you do is garbage. Writer’s block usually comes from a fear of failure, and the source of the fear is often a lack of confidence. If you lack the confidence to believe that you can and will please your audience with your music, it seriously cramps your creative abilities.

Here are some ideas for getting your healthy ego back and working for you:

  1. Make a list of all the songs you’ve ever written. Look at the titles, remember the excitement and pride you felt when you wrote them. That kind of acknowledgement, once in a while, is healthy and important.
  2. Try a bit of positive reinforcement. During a time when writer’s block makes you doubt that you are a songwriter at all, say to yourself several times, “I am a songwriter.” Let the positive vibes that come from saying it remind you that all songwriters go through creative blocks. It’s a normal part of being an artist in any field.
  3. Listen to your songs, and defend them to yourself. Remind yourself that as the writer of those songs, you’ve created something unique and important.
  4. Declare your resolve to cure your writer’s block issues. Say over and over again to yourself, ” I will get through this block.” It usually takes more than just saying it, but the confidence that comes from that simple act is an important first step.
  5. Do something nice for others. It doesn’t have to be something musical… just an act of kindness that gets you thinking positively. There is research to show that the kinder we are to others, the happier we become. Happiness won’t on its own solve writer’s block, but is an important part of any creative process.

Psychology, it’s important to say here, is only part of the problem in solving songwriter’s block. A big part of the solution comes from tightening up your writing technique. So you need to find both psychological and practical solutions to keep writer’s block away.

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