Songwriting frustration

Scheduling Breaks From Songwriting

If you’ve been a songwriter for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the times you don’t particularly feel like writing are predictable. I’m not necessarily talking about day-to-day here: everyone has the time of day when they feel most creative, and the times when they don’t. I’m more talking about larger time segments – monthly […]

Songwriting Relaxation

Ten-Minute Ideas For Getting Your Songwriting Mind Ready

Everybody knows the benefit of taking breaks during songwriting sessions. A break allows your creative mind a chance to regroup and freshen up. And it doesn’t take much of a break to be useful. Even 10 or 15 minutes with a cup of coffee can help. “Hooks and Riffs: How They Grab Attention, Make Songs […]

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The Power of Brainstorming a Complete Song

Songs in the popular genres (Pop, rock, country, etc.) make great use of improvisation as a compositional tool. It’s partly why so many pop songs have multiple writers. With a group of bandmates, you can write very quickly, as long as someone provides that initial musical idea. If that initial idea — a bit of chord, […]

Songwriter's block

When You Lack the Desire to Write

Writer’s block takes many forms. It may be that you want to write, but can’t find the time. Busy lives can make being creative a difficult state of mind to find. And if you do finally find the time to pick up the pencil and guitar, you might find that ideas aren’t happening. And there’s another […]

Songwriter - Guitarists

Listening to Your Musical Mind

If you involve yourself in any sort of physical activity, there is no doubt that you’re familiar with the phrase “listen to your body.” It’s a phrase that is meant to caution you against overdoing it. If you’re a runner and you suddenly encounter some sort of injury, you’ll hear someone say, “Listen to your […]

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When Songwriting Ideas Dry Up

It’s frustrating when you can’t come up with any good songwriting ideas. When that happens on random days, we call that normal. Creativity is not a tap you turn on with an endless supply of ideas at your disposal. It’s normal to have days when ideas just don’t seem to happen. Most of the time, you […]