The Best Way to Get Inspired to Write Music

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Guitarist SongwriterIf you’re waiting for inspiration to write your next song, you’re probably wasting a lot of time. Most top-level composers of music of any genre need to be writing pretty much every day. If you were a film score composer, imagine telling the producer that you aren’t feeling inspired enough to write!

There are two kinds of inspiration that come into play with regard to songwriting. One type, the one everyone is familiar with, is the inspiration that comes from an emotional event that touches our lives. The birth of a child, the death of a loved-one, important social events – these are all great sources of excitement and inspiration. We might call these “external” sources of inspiration.

The problem with externally-sourced inspiration is that the excitement that’s generated is usually fleeting. In my book, “Beating Songwriter’s Block“, I compare it to throwing paper on a fire. It will burn brightly and start with great promise. But usually very quickly it dies away. Without something to take its place, externally-sourced inspiration will hardly sustain you even through one song.

The second type – one you might call “internally-sourced” inspiration – comes from within, and it is generated as a natural by-product of the compositional process itself. In other words, the act of writing music creates a sense of excitement, and that excitement causes you to feel momentarily inspired. That little shot of inspiration then creates a desire within you to create something to add to that idea, and a little more inspiration is created.

And so on and so forth. So to put it succinctly, the act of writing creates the very inspiration you’re looking for.

If you’re unable to find the inspiration to get writing, write anyway. A lack of inspiration deceives us into thinking that we’ve got no ability to create viable musical ideas. But in fact, humans have the ability to generate music in any circumstance, even in the complete absence of inspiration.

And once you create and listen to that one small idea, you’ll feel the inspiration that you’ve been lacking. It’s why setting a daily schedule and sticking to it is one of the best cures for writer’s block. A daily schedule ensures that you’re always creating something. Songwriters who stick to a schedule encounter writer’s block to a much lesser degree than those who wait for inspiration.

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  1. Thank you Gary for the great post!
    For me the best source of music ideas and topics are my friends 🙂 I love listening to their life stories.

    Gary, I wonder what you think about new Lana Del Rey’s song “West Coast”. In my opinion it is amazing. To be honest I cannot find another popular song with to many tempo and key changes.

    Best wishes,

  2. Well said Gary… I write every day and it drives my energy, thinking and the muse. Lyrics, metaphors and rhymes come to me at the most unexpected times – especially when I’m waking up in the morning or from a rest. And I can’t wait to get back to my songwriting chair to add the new ideas. Thanks for your inspiring blog – I really appreciate it.

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