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Setting Targets Will Make Songwriting More Fulfilling, More Exciting

If you’re looking to become a better songwriter and wondering why that’s not happening for you yet, you only need to look at the kinds of goals and targets you set for yourself. Songwriters who struggle are usually guilty of one of the following:

  1. The goals they set are unrealistic. (“I want to be writing songs for pop music’s biggest acts within the next year.”)
  2. The goals they set are too vague. (“I want to be a better songwriter.”)

Setting targets for yourself is a vital part of becoming a happier, more successful songwriter. Without targets to aim for, you’ve got no way of knowing what you’re supposed to be achieving. But they need to be realistic, and they need to be specific.

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  1. So true. To get a little more specific for myself I try to identify my weaknesses and then come up with a plan to get better. I’m pretty good at lyrics and the music part is harder for me. So I just enrolled in a melody composition class a few weeks ago and it’s been a great learning experience. A good review of music theory, specifics on how to start with a motif and develop it. How the pop songs are using it. Another way of coming up with a song rather than just noodling around with chord progressions. I will admit it’s hard to find a good class where you can get specific feedback from the instructor which is so helpful in my case.

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