Use Your Words! Developing a Lyrics-First Songwriting Process

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It’s been interesting to study the stats on my blog over the past decade of its existence. It used to be that easily 8 out of 10 of the most popular blog articles on my site dealt with chord progressions, but over the past 2 years or so, I’ve been noticing a change to a much greater interest in the writing of song lyrics.

I welcome that change! I love a good chord progression that takes me on an interesting journey, but when you look at the long history of “best-of” lists, more songs will be on that list because of the power and poignancy of their lyric than the excellence of the chord progression.

Chords tend to play a supportive role in good song structure, but lyrics ride high, doing more to define the power of a songwriter’s abilities than almost any other element you can name.

In “Use Your Words! Developing a Lyrics-First Songwriting Process,” I offer several ways in which you can start the songwriting process by working out a good chunk of the lyric as a first step.

Why a lyrics-first process? The words you choose can help define the mood, and the potential imagery that comes from words goes very far in setting a powerful scene for your listeners.

But coming up with words as a first step is something that some songwriters find hard to do. It’s a problem with knowing where to start. In “Use Your Words! Developing a Lyrics-First Songwriting Process,” you’ll discover the secrets of three common words-first processes:

  1. Working from the title first.
  2. Developing a short story as a first step.
  3. Writing/using a poem as your song’s main text.

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