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For Guitarists: Guitar Hacks – Weeding Through the Fluff

If you’re a guitarist and you’re looking for some free material, you may want to head over to the Open Heart Teaching website. Site founder Tim Woosley has recently written a new ebook entitled “Guitar Hacks & Input Jacks: Stuff Every Guitarist Should Know.”

I’m pleased to have been asked to contribute an article to the eBook, written for all those who want to get started in songwriting, called “How to Become a Songwriter.”

Here’s a listing of the chapter titles:

  • How to Overcome a Difficult Piece of Music (Part 1) – BY TIM WOOSLEY
  • How to Become a Songwriter – BY GARY EWER
  • The Secret to Making a Guitar Easier to Play for Beginners- BY CHAD FITZPATRICK
  • How to Overcome Your Fears on Stage – BY ADAM LEVY
  • How to Get Better Results on Guitar in Less Time – BY ERICH ANDREAS
  • How to Get on the Same Page as The Beatles and Jimmy Page– BY WOLF MARSHALL
  • How to Transcribe Music for Guitar – BY ROBERT RENMAN
  • 12 Kinds of YouTube Videos to Promote Your Music Career – BY CHRIS ROBLEY
  • What to Look For in a Guitar Teacher – BY DONNIE SCHEXNAYDER
  • Tips from a Supertramp – BY CARL VERHEYEN
  • How to Prevent Boredom on the Guitar -BY DEREK WEBB
  • How to Overcome a Difficult Piece of Music (Part 2): The Rule of Seven- BY TIM WOOSLEY
  • How to Become a Session Guitarist- BY RON ZABROCKI
  • How to Get More Tips and Strategies to Improve Your Guitar Playing

As you can see, most of the articles target guitarists, but there are also chapters in there that apply to anyone trying to get their start in the music industry.

To get your free copy, visit Open Heart Teaching. There’s a download link near the bottom of that page. You’ll need to give your email address, and then the ebook will be sent directly to that address.

My thanks to Tim for asking for my contribution. I’m not primarily a guitarist (not a good one, anyway ;)), but it looks like a great collection of good information!

Gary EwerWritten by Gary Ewer. Follow Gary on Twitter

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