“Easy Music Theory: Songwriter and Performer Edition” Now Available

Songwriters and performers – here’s a video-based downloadable theory course at a fantastic introductory price!


Easy Music Theory with Gary Ewer - Songwriter and Performer EditionIt’s taken a while but it’s ready! Many of you have been saying that you wanted to get my “Easy Music Theory” course, but what you really wanted was a shortened version that applied specifically to the kind of theory that songwriters and performers in bands need. So we’ve gone ahead and done it! And it’s being offered right now at a great introductory price of $39.99!

The “Easy Music Theory: Songwriter and Performer Edition” is a downloadable version of the complete course that you’re going to love. The original course is 25 lessons; this Songwriter and Performer Edition gives you 12 of the lessons (Lessons 1-9, 15, 17 and 21 from the full version of the course) that are most meaningful to those of you who are trying to improve your songwriting skills, and to those of you who are playing in pop, rock, country and folk bands. You’ll get video, clearly-written instruction sheets, worksheets and quizzes on the following musical topics:

  • Notes (treble and bass clefs) and Note Durations
  • Major and Minor Scales
  • Time signatures
  • Key signatures
  • Chords and Chord Inversions

All 12 lessons include a short video of me teaching each concept. For each lesson you’ll watch the video, then read the lesson’s instruction sheet and dig into the worksheets. Once you’ve completed the worksheets, you’ll feel more than ready for the quiz. The way I teach on the videos is exactly the same way I’ve taught in the classroom for over the past 20-plus years of my career.

If you really want to learn some music theory that’s specifically relevant to your work as a songwriter, singer, or a player in the band, click on the graphic below. It will take you immediately to the purchase page, and you’ll be downloading the course right away. (NOTE: The Songwriter and Performer edition is available in an electronic download version only, not on DVD at this time).

And of course, I always love answering questions, so as you work on the course, if you get stuck on any concept, simply send me an email (gary [at] pantomimemusic.com) and I’d be happy to get you on the right track.

Watch this short video that answers some important questions about what Easy Music Theory is all about.

The goal of “Easy Music Theory” isn’t to read music, though you’ll certainly learn how to do that. No, there’s a much better goal: to really understand the music you’re hearing, the music you’re writing, and to use music as an effective communication tool. You’ll wonder how you ever got on without it!

To read more about “Easy Music Theory with Gary Ewer”, visit the website.


Songwriter and Performer Edition

… and take advantage of that great introductory price of $39.99

Easy Music Theory- Songwriter and Performer Edition


Written by Gary Ewer. Follow Gary on Twitter

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