A Close Look at Writing Song Lyrics

If your songwriting stops at the lyric stage, here’s a set of articles that can help.


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Writing song lyricsI know that many songwriters find that lyrics are the most difficult part of their songwriting process, and it’s something they have to work at constantly. And it’s certainly something you want to really get a handle on, because it’s the most obvious communication tool we have for connecting to an audience. A bad lyric means no one is listening.

I’ve written many posts that deal with lyrics over the past few years. Some of them deal with the kinds of words you use in a song, and how they change as a song progresses. Others deal with making sure that lyrics partner well with other components. Take a look:

  1. 5 Vital Steps for Developing a Great Lyric. This article deals with the 2 important stages of writing lyrics: the creation stage, and the development stage.
  2. How Melodic Shape Can Support Your Song’s Lyrics. Melodic contour (shape) can actually affect the meaning of your song’s lyrics.
  3. How Note Length Affects a Lyric’s Emotional Punch. There are differences between the typical length of a note in a verse when compared to the chorus.
  4. Your Song, and Triple-Level Lyrics. We talk about a song’s lyric, but in fact songs have several sets of lyrics that all partner together to produce a powerful communication capability.
  5. Tips ‘n Tricks: Brainstorming Song Lyrics. You’re staring at a blank page and don’t know how to get your song lyric started? Here are some ideas.


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