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Discovering the Power of Musical Momentum: John Lennon’s “Imagine”

In songwriting, momentum is that quality of music that causes us to want to keep listening to a song. Another term for momentum is musical energy, or forward motion. When created and used properly, momentum is a pleasant kind of “tension” in the music, where we sense that something needs to be resolved. If you’re stuck trying […]

Reaching Out: Your New Year’s Resolution for 2018

New year’s resolutions are hard to keep, mainly because the determination to fix something about your life needs more than an arbitrary date to inspire you. If you’re like me, you’re good for a week or two, but then you slide back into doing whatever it was you were trying to fix. As a songwriter, […]

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How Tension and Release Makes Audiences Want to Listen

What does the word energy mean in music, and what role does it play? There are several possible ways to use that word when discussing music, and songwriting in particular. Energy might involve any, or a combination of, the following: Loudness; we think of louder music as being more energetic. Tempo; energetic music is often faster. Instrumentation; in […]

Chord Theory: How to Create and Use Suspensions

Thousands of songwriters have used “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle to take their craft to the next level. If you’re ready to break out of the songwriting rut you’re in, read more.. ______________ We know that most of the time, the chords you use in your songs are triads, which are 3-note chords comprised of a root, a […]

Creating Tension & Release Keeps Audiences Listening

Creating musical tension entices an audience because they want to hear how it’s eventually resolved. _______________________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6 eBook Bundle, and get “From Amateur to Ace: Writing Songs Like a Pro” free. Read more.. _______________________ Follow Gary Ewer on Twitter Tension and release in music means presenting something that sounds unresolved, something […]

Chord Progression Tip: Creating and Using Suspensions

A suspension produces momentum in music by creating a tension which needs resolution. ____________ Purchase “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle TODAY, and claim your free eBook “From Amateur to Ace: Writing Songs Like a Pro”. _____________ First, let’s define some of the terminology we use when talking about chords. A chord is three or more notes […]