Changing Key (While Not Really Changing Key)

Most songs will keep the same key from beginning to end. For songs that do change key, the most common circumstance is when you have a minor verse that moves to a major chorus. You hear this in lots of songs. I did a video a while back regarding how songs change key, and referred […]

John Lenno - George Harrison

Using the Diminished Seventh Chord in Your Progressions

Take a look at the chords in pop music today, and you don’t see the diminished chord being used much. It’s an extremely versatile chord, but it’s possible that songwriters might be a bit confused as to how to use it. And by “use it”, I think many just don’t know how to approach the […]

Augmented Chords, and How To Use Them In Your Music

“From Amateur to Ace: Writing Songs Like a Pro” is one of 10 eBooks in “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” Deluxe Bundle. Take advantage of today’s DISCOUNT PRICE. Read more.. _____________ Structurally speaking, an augmented chord consists of stacked major 3rds. So the chord C Aug (C+) uses the notes C-E-G#. It could occur naturally in a minor key […]