The Role of Inspiration in Songwriting

by Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website. When I pick up a pencil and try to draw a face, it looks grotesque. I get the perspective wrong, the shading looks haphazard, and the dimensions are simply off! Because I am untrained, I can’t really finish any drawing I start. As I progress […]

Your Songwriting Habits May be the Reason You Can't Seem to Finish a Song

What is your songwriting procedure? Do you have a method of writing, or do you write when the feeling hits you? If you don’t have a process for composing, that may be the very reason that you find it difficult to finish songs that you start. Songwriting, like the creation of any other work of art, is […]

If You're Waiting For Inspiration, You're Wasting a Lot of Time

So what’s wrong with inspiration? Don’t the best songs in the world inspire us? And so doesn’t that require inspiration? The simple answer is: no, songwriting does not require you to be inspired. And in fact, if youare waiting for inspiration, that could be the source of that pesky writer’s block that keeps raising its head. The role […]

Songwriting Should Not Require Inspiration

From “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website. It’s nice when you’re inspired to write a great song, but good songs and and should  happen even without being particularly inspired. For many, writing a song seems like some sort of magic: you just sit and think for a moment, and  chords, melodies and  lyrics just appear, […]