Creating Musical Momentum Keeps Listeners Listening

Much of the skill of songwriting involves very subtle qualities that audiences don’t consciously notice. But they’re a vital part of songwriting success. Read more about this in “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, now with a 7th eBook absolutely FREE: “From Amateur to Ace: Writing Songs Like a Pro.” Read more.. ________________ Song energy is a […]

How Large a Range Should a Good Melody Encompass?

Being a student of songwriting means discovering why the world’s best songs are so good, and, how to use that important info to make your own songs even better. Take a look at “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” eBook Bundle packages, and become a top-level songwriter. Read more.. ______________ Melodic range refers to the distance between the lowest […]

An Excerpt from My New Songwriters' Book

Songwriter’s block is not only solvable, you can make sure it never becomes a problem again. ____________ I’ve been writing a new book for songwriters on the topic of songwriter’s block. It will be published by Backbeat Books. Editing has recently been finished, and so it is now in the layout stage. It’s working title […]

Are You Eligible For This Deal?

As you may know, I’ve recently completed a new songwriting eBook, the 82-page “From Amateur to Ace: Writing Songs Like a Pro.” The eBook will be offered shortly on the Essential Secrets purchase page at a price of $11.95. Right now, however, it is being offered at a reduced price to previous purchasers of “The […]

“Fix Your Songwriting Problems – NOW!” – An Excerpt

Right now my website is offering the free eBook “Fix Your Songwriting Problems – NOW!” when you subscribe to the “Songwriter’s Quick Tips Newsletter.” That’s a free monthly newsletter thats delivered to your email address, and includes important articles and information pertaining directly to songwriting. You can subscribe to that newsletter and receive the free eBook […]

“Easy Music Theory: Songwriter and Performer Edition” Now Available

Songwriters and performers – here’s a video-based downloadable theory course at a fantastic introductory price! _________ It’s taken a while but it’s ready! Many of you have been saying that you wanted to get my “Easy Music Theory” course, but what you really wanted was a shortened version that applied specifically to the kind of […]