Merry Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas to You!

Gary EwerI want to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I very much hope that you’re able to spend time with family and friends, and perhaps forget about life’s woes for at least a few days.

I’m very grateful for each and every one of the readers of my blog. It continues to be a source of great interest to me. Because I have my irons in many fires (as a conductor, musical arranger, composer, piano tuner and more) there are times when I get busier than usual, and my daily posts become every other day because of it.

But I find that analyzing pop music, and treating it as a respectable art form, has provided me a tremendously fascinating journey, and I have no plans to stop.

So if Christmas gives us an opportunity to be thankful, I want to say a big thank you to each and every one of you for reading my articles and offering a comment, a question, or an opinion.

Merry Christmas to you!


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  1. Happy Holidays to you too Gary, I always enjoy your interesting analysis of songs and it broadens my understanding of how to recreate some of the beautiful chord changes that feel magical to me. As a songwriter, I really appreciate your many “essentials” on songwriting and recommend your site to my Halifax Regional Songwriting Group, all the best of the season to you and your family! Joanna

  2. Thank you for all you do! I certainly enjoy your inspiring articles and learn a lot from each one. I also have your song bundle! Hope you and your family have the best Christmas and New Year ever! “Let The Music Begin”

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