Rick Beato interview with Sting, Dominic Miller

Getting Inspired by Professional Singer-Songwriters

Often the best instruction you can get in songwriting is to listen to the songwriters who have made it big. Not only do you get good instruction, but you find yourself getting immensely inspired; you want to grab your instrument and start writing!

Last year, Rick Beato, whose YouTube channel I’ve mentioned in my blog before, sat down to do an interview with Sting and guitarist Dominic Miller. It’s a wonderful hour because they’re being interviewed by someone who knows so much about music, and can dig deeply into the structure and effect of music.

Sting is a musician I have enormous respect for. He’s someone who thinks deeply about how music works, and can speak with eloquence and understanding.

If you’ve not seen that interview (or haven’t seen it for a while), please take the time to watch it. You’ll find it inspiring!

Rick Beato Interview With Sting & Dominic Miller

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