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Melodies, Chords and Feel – Musical Ideas from Pat Metheny

I’ve been watching Rick Beato’s interview with jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. It’s really great, and filled with a ton of information that’s incredibly helpful for musicians trying to make a go of it in the professional music world.

I think what I love about it is that there’s very little time spent talking about gear, but lots and lots of anecdotes, and talking about group dynamics, musical form, and what it’s like starting out in the business.

And then great exchanges talking about dynamics, rhythms, chord theory, melodic development, and musical forms. It’s an interview that will be — and should be — watched for years.

If you’re not familiar with Pat Metheny’s music, check out “Better Days Ahead”, from his upcoming album:

I hope you take the time to watch Rick’s great interview. You’ll find it inspiring no matter what area of music is your specialty. (Around the 49th minute he talks about the importance of feel in musical performance, and it’s one of my favourite parts of the video.)

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    • Hi Glenn – Metheny is a musician that I’ve heard of more than heard, but that’s been my loss. Since watching that interview I’ve been becoming better acquainted with his music, and it’s been wonderful. I was listening to his first album, “Bright Size Life”, and just can’t believe he’d only been playing guitar in any serious way for 4 years when he recorded it.


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