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New Video: 5 Characteristics of Great Song Lyrics

I’ve just completed and uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, called “5 Characteristics of Great Song Lyrics.” Please click here to watch.

If you take a look at the songs that make it to the “best songs ever” kinds of lists, most of them are there because of the quality of their lyrics, at least in most part. But many songwriters struggle with lyrics.

A great lyric is tricky because while novels allow for tens of thousands of words (or more) to describe a story, you need to offer a complete lyric in a hundred words or so. That takes a particular kind of skill that needs to be practiced and honed.

But if lyrics have always been tricky for you, where do you start? In this video we take a look at five of the most important characteristics of great song lyrics. It will give you that all-important starting point for putting lyrics front and centre in your songwriting process.

Watch “5 Characteristics of Great Song Lyrics.”

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