Why I Use Twitter, and Why You Should Too

Written by Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website
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twitter1I signed up for a Twitter account back in May, but because of my schedule only started getting familiar with it a few months later, during the summer. And though it took a little getting used to, I am now seeing Twitter as an important way to get informed and stay informed.

Here are a few ways Twitter has helped get me up to speed and communicate with the world around me:

  1. While most of the official news media was unable to report anything coming out of Iran leading up to, during, and following theIranian summer election, private citizens using Twitter were able to get the message out about what really was going on in the streets. (And Iranians using Twitter were able to find out when and where the next protests were being held, how to identify secret police, and what to do if your eyes were sprayed with an acidic substance.)
  2. After hearing a loud bang outside my house one evening, a “Nearby” search on Twitter revealed a tweet from a local resident who had just seen a transformer blow. Mystery solved.
  3. By checking out the “Trending Topics”, I am able to get news regarding what’s going on in the world, often before news outlets report it. (For example, like many, I found out about the death of Michael Jackson on Twitter first.)
  4. I’m now able to let regular visitors to my website know when the next website and newsletter update has occured. I can also send out songwriting tips, information, opinions, and other news in an easy and unobtrusive way.
  5. I can stay up-to-date with what some of my songwriting colleagues are working on (and I’m happy to follow you: just write me.)

I’m just getting started, and so I think I’ll be discovering even more ways that Twitter can be helpful to me. If nothing else, Twitter keeps me linked to the world around me, and has made staying informed much easier than it’s ever been.

As I say, right now I am using Twitter to help my fellow songwriters with tips and other information. And you’ll see that many others, from the President of the United States to your nextdoor neighbour, are using Twitter to get information and send information.

If you aren’t using Twitter, you should give it a try. Simply go to the Twitter website, click on “Sign up now”, create an account, and then start experimenting. And click here if you’d like to start following me.

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