Five Ways to Make Listeners Return to Your Music

Here are five easy ways to increase the likelihood that you’ll build a fan-base for your music. _____________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, and build your audience base, starting right now! _____________ Is there a difference between good music and successful music? I think there is, and most songwriters would agree that it […]

Writing Songs That Don’t Use a Chorus

  Bruce Springsteen’s classic tune “Thunder Road”, from his 1975 album “Born To Run”, is a great model for study if you’re trying to get a handle on writing a song that doesn’t use a chorus. Though the song steers clear of the standard verse-chorus-bridge format typical of so many songs in the popular music […]

Strengthening a Chorus With Subtle Rhythmic Changes

The difference between a verse and chorus rhythm can be so subtle that no one notices. But subtlety is key in hit song production. ___________________ “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” shows you how to write great songs. It’s just one of a suite of 6 songwriting e-books written by Gary Ewer. Let these six e-books show […]

Using Octave Displacement to Avoid Verse-Chorus Sameness

Moving a chorus melody an octave higher can help differentiate it from a similar-sounding verse melody. There’s a sneaky little problem that can creep into a song as you write it, something that often escapes detection. The only thing you’re likely to notice is that the song seems tiresome and over-long, but you can’t figure […]

When a Song Doesn’t Work – What Do You Do?

When a song doesn’t work, you may be surprised to find out that the problem is easily solved with one quick little fix. _______________ Get the eBook bundle that thousands of songwriters are using every day to improve their craft! _______________ One of the most aggravating problems with songwriting is when a song just doesn’t […]

Are Your Song Lyrics Working? Try This Little Test

Lyrics need to support the form of your music; verse lyrics are not the same as chorus lyrics. _____________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, and increase your song’s HIT potential. _____________ Everything progresses in music, not just chords. There’s very little that could be considered random or arbitrary. And that’s a good thing. Progression is what makes listeners […]