7 Important Tips Regarding Simplicity and Complexity in a Good Song Lyric

Writing a good song lyric is all about creating images in the most natural way possible. ___________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, and take your songwriting to a new level of excellence. ___________ In practically any genre of popular music (pop, rock, country, folk, jazz, and all their related sub genres), you’ll […]

The Power of Simplicity in Songwriting

If you want to put a smile on a listener’s face — simplify your music. ____________ Purchase “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, and get this eBook FREE OF CHARGE: “From Amateur to Ace: Writing Songs Like a Pro”. _____________ Ask someone to name the greatest composer who ever lived, and you will no doubt hear the […]

The Beauty of Simplicity

Simplicity is one of the most important characteristics in powerful music. _______________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle: Songwriting instruction that’s powerful and effective! _________________ Kathleen Edwards is a Canadian singer-songwriter, and her most recent album, “Voyageur”, has a beautiful song called “House Full of Empty Rooms“. Every once in a while, I […]

Simplicity is a Songwriting Quality, And It’s a Good One

If you’re trying to build an audience base, simplify what you’re doing. It almost always works. ____________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, and increase your song’s HIT potential. _____________ When you play your next newly-written song for someone, you certainly don’t want the first words out of their mouth to be, “Hey, your new song sounds […]

The Melodies and Chords of Coldplay’s “Paradise”

Simplicity is always the necessary ingredient if you need people to remember your song after they’ve heard it. ____________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, and get back to the basics of why hit songs sell. _____________ Simplicity is a crucial element of hit songwriting. It’s why songs that live near the top of the Billboard […]

Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”: Why it Works

Lately I’ve been hearing lots of people lament the dreadful state of pop music, and wonder what the future holds for us. Nothing’s new: every year has its hit-makers whose popularity can make any self-respecting pop music enthusiast weep. But Adele, pop soul artist from England, should give any and all reason to hope. Her […]