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3 Great Ways to Use a Flat-VI Chord In Your Major Key Progressions

A flat-VI chord is a major chord built on the lowered 6th degree of a major scale. In C major, the 6th degree is A. Lowering it gives you Ab, and a major chord built on that note gives you the 3-note chord Ab-C-Eb: the so-called flat-VI. In pop music genres, the flat-VI chord quite […]


Organizing Chords To Help You Compose Songs

Every key has seven chords that exist naturally within that key. And they’re easy to find. First, take any key (C major, for instance), and play a chord that uses each note of the scale as a root. To know if you should be playing a major, minor or diminished chord, follow this simple guide that uses […]

Pump Up Your Progressions with Altered Chords

Written by Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” You might be surprised by how close a failing song is to being a winner. Do you know all the essential secrets of songwriting? Click here to read more. _____________________ Anytime you use a chord that includes a note not normally found in the chosen […]