1 Standard Progression, 5 Cool Effects

If your chord progression is boring you, don’t toss it. Here are five things you can do that will make any tired progression sound new. _____________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, and build your audience base, starting right now! _____________ You can’t be faulted for trying to find a “killer progression.” Every […]

Turning Basic Chords Into Something That Grabs Attention

Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6 e-book bundle, and kick-start your songwriting career right now! ____________ Chord progressions are usually the most predictable element we use in the creation of songs. It’s not easy to know what the next line of lyric will be, or even what direction the melody will take from one note […]

5 Ideas for Perking Up a Boring Chord Progression

Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6 e-book bundle to learn more about chord progressions and how they work. _____________ I hardly ever worry about a chord progression that sounds boring or repetitive. First of all, most chord progressions use repetition as a standard feature, because repetition works. Listen to any successful song, and you’ll […]

Breathe Life Into Your Chord Progressions – With Pedal Tones

A bad chord progression can kill a song, but don’t assume that a good chord progression must grab your attention. Many of the best songs in the world use very basic chords which, by themselves, are probably a bit boring. That’s because a chord progression must work with your melody and lyrics without pulling focus. […]