Isolating Important Pitches Helps Add Structure to Song Melodies

Do your song melodies feel like aimless wanderings? Good melodies need at least a couple of “focus notes”. _____________ Read more about “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, the songwriting eBook collection that thousands of songwriters are using every day. _____________ Many songwriters find melodies hard to write — not an intuitive, natural thing […]

For a Shot of Energy, Try Chorus-First Songs

Check out “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle – The enjoyment of songwriting starts with really understanding! ______________ If verse-chorus-bridge is your favourite format when composing songs, you already know its strength. There’s a natural energy build that comes from using that song form. That’s because the verse is usually lightly accompanied, with the […]

Writing Songs That Don’t Use a Chorus

  Bruce Springsteen’s classic tune “Thunder Road”, from his 1975 album “Born To Run”, is a great model for study if you’re trying to get a handle on writing a song that doesn’t use a chorus. Though the song steers clear of the standard verse-chorus-bridge format typical of so many songs in the popular music […]

Using Octave Displacement to Avoid Verse-Chorus Sameness

Moving a chorus melody an octave higher can help differentiate it from a similar-sounding verse melody. There’s a sneaky little problem that can creep into a song as you write it, something that often escapes detection. The only thing you’re likely to notice is that the song seems tiresome and over-long, but you can’t figure […]

What to Do About Verse 2

In the process of songwriting, many songwriters actually start with the chorus. That’s because the chorus tends to use shorter, stronger (and simpler) chord progressions, hooky melodies that use repeating ideas, and emotional lyrics. By comparison, the verse can be a bit more of a challenge. You need lyrics that describe people and/or situations, and […]

A Song’s Climactic Moment Needs Careful Placement

A climactic moment is an important part of the energy plan of your song. _________ Check out “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-Ebook Bundle – Powerful and effective songwriting instruction! _________ The more even the energy map of a song is, the more important a climactic moment becomes. A lot of people think they know […]