5 Bad Songwriting Habits With Easy Solutions

Get “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 10-eBook Deluxe Bundle, along with today’s great deal. Read more.. _____________ Do get stuck in a songwriting rut on a regular basis? When it’s hard to be creative, and that goes on for days or weeks, it’s easy to believe that you’ve got big problems that may not have solutions. […]

The Power of Scheduling Your Songwriting Activities

Get the songwriting manuals that thousands of songwriters are using. “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” eBook Bundle will improve your songwriting technique. Find out how: Learn more.. ___________ Most songwriters rely on their instincts as an important contributor to the songwriting process. How they write, when they write, even why they write… for many, it’s all governed by – even dictated by – […]

“How Can I Learn To Write Songs?” Answer: I Don’t Know

Songwriting instruction will improve your songwriting abilities, but won’t turn you into a songwriter. _________________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, and get the songwriting instruction that thousands of songwriters are using, delivered right to your computer. _________________ It’s strange that lately I’ve been receiving a large number of emails from people asking […]

Curing Songwriting Frustration With Some Mindless Activities

Let some mindless non-musical fun get you back to the enjoyment of writing music again. __________________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6 e-book bundle. Write smarter – Tap into your creative mind. __________________ It would be ridiculous to think that you should never feel frustration as a composer. When you write, you’re getting something to grow from […]

Writing Songs That Are On The Cutting Edge

Wanting your songs to be innovative and fresh is the dream of most songwriters. As long as people “sort of” get it, you’re on the right track. ____________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, and get back to the basics of why hit songs sell. _____________ Innovation in songwriting is a tricky balancing act that […]

Not All Songwriting Formulas Are Bad

Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-ebook bundle, and kick-start your songwriting career! _____________ Songwriting formulas are not usually thought of as the friend of serious songwriters. That’s because the word “formula” implies something rather opposite to “imaginative” or “creative”. Normally when you use a formula, you’re following what amounts to a set of instructions that […]