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What’s Going Wrong With Your Lyrics? Use This Checklist

More songs are valued or rejected over the longterm because of the quality of their lyrics than any other song element. Take a look at practically any “worst of” list, and you’re usually looking at a list of songs where the lyrics are corny, stilted, or otherwise missing the mark. The best songwriters are best […]

Creating a More Energetic Song Chorus

Most people have little or no vocabulary when it comes to the structure of songs. The average person sitting in the local coffee shop listening to a song through their headphones wouldn’t know a bridge from a pre-chorus. But interestingly, if you actually ask someone, even with little or no musical background, “Is this section […]

The Songwriter's Checklist - Gary Ewer

New and Updated Songwriter’s Checklist – Free eBook

I’ve just updated and expanded my Songwriter’s Checklist – a short booklet designed to help you solve nagging problems with your latest song. It’s a free eBook that you can download by clicking here: DOWNLOAD THE SONGWRITER’S CHECKLIST I’ve also created a short video to explain a bit about that checklist: I think the most […]

Checklist: Is Your Verse Helping Or Hurting Your Song?

If your verse is dying and you can’t figure out why, try this checklist. _____________ Get “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” Ebook Bundle. 11 Songwriting Principles That Will Turn Your Writing Around – Guaranteed. Every purchase comes with a free product. Check today’s freebie! _____________ It’s easier to tell if a chorus is working well than if a verse is […]

5 Things To Do When a Chorus Falls Flat

Your chorus is arguably the most important part of your song. Here are some ideas to be sure it gets the job done. ______________  Take your songwriting to a new level of excellence. Buy “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 10-eBook Deluxe Bundle, written by Gary Ewer. It includes “From Amateur to Ace – Writing Songs Like a Pro.” […]

7 Things to Check When Songs Aren’t Working

There’s often a very fine line between good songs and bad ones. Here’s a short checklist to get a weak song working. _______________  “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 10-eBook Bundle will strengthen your songwriting technique, and take you to a new level of musical excellence. It comes with an 11th free eBook, “Creative Chord Progressions“. Read more.. ________________ […]