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New and Updated Songwriter’s Checklist – Free eBook

I’ve just updated and expanded my Songwriter’s Checklist – a short booklet designed to help you solve nagging problems with your latest song.

It’s a free eBook that you can download by clicking here:


I’ve also created a short video to explain a bit about that checklist:

I think the most important part of that video is my advice that you not use a checklist with a song you’ve written that you like — a song that you think is working well. That’s because good songs sometimes go against established songwriting principles: they succeed in spite of themselves, you might say.

And when a song is working, there’s no need to fix it. Applying a checklist to a song you like serves only to sow seeds of doubt in your mind, for no good reason.

So if you’ve written a song lately that just seems to be missing the mark somehow, The Songwriter’s Checklist can be a good tool for focusing your thoughts and giving you a starting point for fixing it.


Gary Ewer

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