Seven Great Progressions to Get Your Summer Writing Underway

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Keyboardist Playing ChordsSummer is a great time to write songs. Especially for those of us in the northern hemisphere, we get out of the house a lot more, and there’s a lot more that inspires us. But if you find it hard to get past the chord progression stage, try these progressions.

The first progression uses what’s called a borrowed chord. In major keys, the chord built on the second note of the scale is usually a minor chord. In minor keys, the chord based on that note is usually diminished. You can “borrow” that chord from the minor key and use it in major; it creates a sound best described as melancholy or meditative:

1) C Ddim/F C Ddim/F C/E Am Dm G C

The next set of progressions uses secondary dominant chords. For our purposes here, a secondary dominant means that you’ve taken a chord that’s normally minor, and made it major. It operates as a secondary dominant particularly if the root of the chord that follows it is a 4th higher (or a 5th lower):

2) C A Dm G7 C
3) C F E7 Am D7 G C
4) C D7 G7 Am D7 G C

These next chords a type of chord called “augmented – 6” chords. You build them on the lowered-6th degree of a scale, and they have the same structure as a basic dominant-7th chord. For example, if you’re in C major, an augmented 6th chord would include the notes: Ab-C-Eb-F#. That F# is, enharmonically, the same as a Gb, making that chord an Ab7. It should resolve, however, to G:

5) C Am Ab7 G C
6) C F F/A Ab7 G Am
7) C E7 A Ab7 G C

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