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Finding Bad Lines In Your Lyric

As a songwriter you likely think sectionally. All that means is that you’re always aware of what part of the song you’re in. The downside of this kind of sectional thinking is that if something is going wrong with, let’s say, your verse lyric, the tendency might be to fault the entire section of lyric, when the […]

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The Benefit of Speaking Your Lyric

Improvisation is an important part of most musician’s songwriting process. You sit at a keyboard, or set up some loops, or start strumming your guitar, and you generate ideas spontaneously. It’s fun to work this way. And I suppose you might say that the stronger your musical imagination, the more likely you’ll hit upon hook-like […]

Get Control of Your Lyrics – Try This Rewording Exercise

By Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website. Try Gary Ewer’s songwriting e-books to get yourself writing better songs. Read more about them here. _________________ As musicians, we’re all familiar with the concept of practicing to improve. Too few of us, however, practice enough when it comes to songwriting. If we did, we […]