5 Tips for Developing a Bridge (Middle-8) For Your Song

Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6 E-book Bundle. Become a top-level songwriter, starting now. _________ A bridge usually comes after the second chorus in a song, and it has many reasons for existing. Among those reasons, the introduction of new melodic material is probably the most important one. After two verses and two choruses, your […]

4 Ideas For What to Do With Your Song's Bridge

The bridge, sometimes called the “middle 8”, is the section that typically sits directly after the second chorus in many songs. There can be many reasons for using a bridge in your song, and no matter what the reason, the main purpose is to offer new melodic and lyrical material that contrasts with the verse […]

How to Generate Lyrical Excitement in Your Song's Bridge

In common usage, a bridge is the section of a song that usually comes after the second chorus: Verse 1 – Chorus – Verse 2 – Chorus – BRIDGE – Chorus – Chorus… You’ll sometimes see this section termed the “middle 8”, but the concept is the same: you’re looking for a way to provide […]