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How to Change Key in Mid-Stream

Songs, especially in the pop genres, normally end in the same key they start in. But every once in a while you’ll come across songs that feature key changes in various spots. This is called modulation in music theory circles. One of the most common key changes happens in the final chorus repeats, when the key […]


Experimenting With Key Boosts Your Musical Imagination

There are typically two times when a song’s key becomes something that a songwriter considers: During the initial songwriting process. You create your first melodic ideas based on an often-random choice of key and chords. During the performance or recording stage. You might possibly change the key to one that puts the melody in your optimum […]

Creating Chorus Chords that Work Well With Verse Progressions

Verse and chorus progressions should be seen as musical partners. Here are some ideas for strengthening that partnership. ______________  Take your songwriting to a new level of excellence. Buy “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 10-eBook Deluxe Bundle, written by Gary Ewer. Includes “From Amateur to Ace – Writing Songs Like a Pro.” Time to become the best […]

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How Songs Benefit When You Use Musical Motifs

Musical motifs add structure to your song — in ways that audiences don’t need to notice. _______________  “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” eBook Bundle packages will strengthen your songwriting technique, and take you to a new level of musical excellence. The 10-eBook Deluxe Bundle includes “Writing a Song From a Chord Progression“. Read more.. ________________ It’s practically impossible to […]

10 Tips to Help You Get Your Chord Progressions Working

There’s nothing random about a good chord progression. Here are some tips to help you get them working for you. ____________________ Check out “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle. Learn how to add chords to a melody, and so much more. Right now save 56%. ____________________ When a chord progression is working well, you usually […]