Keyboard, mixer and headphones

Heightening Your Sense of Musical Curiosity

The best songwriters are the ones who are the most curious. Curiosity makes you wonder. When you hear something amazing or unusual, curiosity is that drive inside your musical mind that makes you ask, “How in the world did they do that??” By being curious, you develop the ability to take other musicians’ ideas and modify […]

Guitar and music paper

How To Increase Your Songwriting Output

It’s important not to equate quantity with quality when it comes to anything. It’s true that we look with some reverence at the songwriters who have churned out hundreds of songs. But I think (at least I hope we think) that just because someone has written hundreds of songs, we haven’t really said anything with […]

Getting Creative – It May Be Easier Than You Think

Writer’s block is a frustrating thing when it happens. And while there’s lots you can do to help keep it to a minimum, it can happen to the best of us. But getting that creative feeling may be easier than you think, and if you’ve got even just a basic keyboard, here’s something you can […]