Writing a Lyrics-First Song

You might think that songwriters who create a lyric first are likely to be poets, but that’s not always the case. Some poetry works well as song lyrics, but only if: the poem has universal appeal: it speaks of issues and situations that most people would identify with on some level; the poem taps in to […]

7 Different Ways to Start a Song

Starting a song a different way each time ensures that you’re writing something that’s fresh and unique. ____________ Purchase “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle, and get this eBook FREE OF CHARGE: “From Amateur to Ace: Writing Songs Like a Pro”. _____________ Humans are creatures of habit. Once we find a way that works for us, we’re […]

5 Ways of Starting Your Next Song

There are several tried and true ways of starting the songwriting process. And if you’re smart, you’ll experiment with all of them. How you start a song has a lot to do with how it finally sounds in the end. If you find that all of your songs have a similar sound, it could be […]

Songwriting: What’s the Best Starting Point?

Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6 e-book bundle, and kick-start your songwriting career right now! ____________ The cheeky answer to “What’s the best way to start a song” is, “Any way you want, as long as it’s not the same way you started your last song.” Usually, the way you start a song greatly determines […]

Starting a Song With a Chord Progression? Here's How.

Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-ebook bundle, and get tons of chord progressions right away! ____________________ For every way you can start your next song, there’s a pro and a con. Usually, as long as you know what the potential downfalls are, you can avoid them. So what are the possible problems that can […]

The Many Ways to Start the Songwriting Process

Written by Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website Follow Gary on Twitter Even the most prolific songwriters get that writer’s block feeling… staring at a blank page, with nothing coming to mind. Writer’s block will happen more to songwriters who use the same songwriting formula, song after song. You will become much more […]