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The Power and Danger of Musical Innovation

There is a reason why treating the principles of good songwriting as if they were rules is a bad idea: you might inadvertently kill a good song. If good musical composition were guided by rules, many number 1 hits would likely have been tossed into the trash bin due to the fact that they did something […]

Songs are like trees

The Difference Between Rules and Principles in Songwriting

In a way, it’s hard to speak of “errors” in songwriting, because that implies that there are rules that have been broken. Songwriting isn’t guided by rules in the traditional sense of that word. If rules governed the creative process, writing music would hold little if any interest for us. Instead of rules, we are […]

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Writing Songs that Go Against “Normal”

Writing music wouldn’t hold a lot of interest for us if everything was completely predictable. We like the fact that we think we’ve written something others will like too, but then we must wait and see what the final impact on an audience is. Over the past number of decades of pop music, there have been […]

Do Standard Songwriting Principles Apply to EDM?

Writing EDM (electronic dance music)? What are the principles that guide the creation of the music? ________________ Download “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” eBook Bundle. High-quality PDFs for laptop, desktop, iPad, or any other PDF-reading device. Stop struggling! It’s time to take your songwriting to a new level of excellence. ________________ Say the word “songwriter” […]

Good Songwriting That Violates Basic Principles

It’s a good question: Can a song be successful even though it violates some of the basic principles of good songwriting? Yes, though it doesn’t happen a lot. Most of the time, we can point to the various parts of a song and see how it is reinforcing principles that have been around for ages. […]

In Songwriting, Rules Stifle the Imagination

There are no fewer than 11 guiding principles that describe how great music works. “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting”eBook Bundle packages show you each principle, and describe how they’ll make your own songs better. Read more.. __________ I am a big fan of music theory, and believe that songwriters who have a working knowledge of the nuts and bolts […]