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Considering Chords When Using a Melody-First Songwriting Process

If you like starting the songwriting process by working out the melody, you’re likely also simultaneously considering the chords that might accompany it. That’s because for melodies that are in a key, it’s practically impossible to hear those melody notes without our brains imagining chord possibilities. If hooks seem elusive when you’re trying to write […]

Songwriter-Guitarist tuning

When All Your Songs Seem To Be In the Same Key

Because most songwriters are also instrumentalists, muscle memory plays a big role in key choice. If you’re a guitarist and you’re noodling around trying to create some ideas for songs, you’ll find your fingers wanting to move to the notes and patterns that you find the easiest to play. “Fix Your Songwriting Problems – NOW!” […]

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No One Remembers Notes

When it comes to creating beautiful song melodies, the actual notes you use isn’t all that important. No one remembers notes, because no one knows what notes you’re using in the first place. What people remember are shapes and rhythms. Knowing how to get a melody working well with the chords and lyrics is a crucial part […]


Getting the Most Out of a 2- or 3-Note Melody

Thinking beyond the world of songwriting gives you the best chance to improve your imagination. “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” eBook Bundle (plus a FREE copy of “Creative Chord Progressions”) is written by Gary Ewer, designed to straighten out your technique and get you writing better songs. It can be easily argued that when it comes […]

Four Important Ways That Repetition Grabs a Listener’s Attention

Repetition is a vital part of most songs’ success. Here’s what needs to be considered when using repetition as a structural element.  “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” eBook Bundle will strengthen your songwriting technique, and take you to a new level of musical excellence. It comes with a free eBook, “Creative Chord Progressions“.  Repetition of musical elements […]

How We Remember Music

What is it about good music that makes it not just beautiful, but easy to remember? _______________ Written by Gary Ewer, author of “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” ebook Bundle. _______________ You might think of music as simply being a collection of pitches, some simultaneously (chords) and others sequentially (melodies). But it’s more complicated than that. The […]