Songwriting, and the Contrast Principle

Gary Ewer’s songwriting e-books show you every aspect of how great songs work, and why bad songs flop. If you’re stuck and can’t seem to finish anything you start, it may be time to take a step back and look at songwriting from a different perspective. __________________________________ If you compare music from different genres, it […]

Does a Song Need a Hook?

by Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website. You can find Gary’s songwriting e-books here. ______________ Do a quick online search about songwriting, and many times you’ll read some variation on this sentence: “A song must have a hook.” Depending on what you mean by the word, that could be true. But if […]

Why "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum Works So Well

by Gary Ewer, author of “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” suite of songwriting e-books. Click here to read about those e-books. ____________________________ This great new song by Lady Antebellum demonstrates so many things that make great songs work so well. From how the melodies are constructed, how the verse moves into the chorus, the choice […]

How's Your New Melody? Run it Past This Checklist

by Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website. Learn how to become a better songwriter right now. Since every melody is different, you’d think that there’s basically no way to know if your new melody is going to click or bomb. Not true! There are ways to make pretty sure that your melody […]

How Lyrics Change as Your Song Progresses

by Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website. ________________________ A good lyric is not necessarily good poetry, and in many cases doesn’t need to be. With Gary Ewer’s songwriters’ e-books you can discover how your lyrics can make a connection with the listener, how to create chord progressions, how melodies should be contoured, […]

How to Write an Anthem

“Everyone seems to agree that “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is an anthem and “Shake Your Booty” isn’t.” Written by Gary Ewer, from “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” website Follow Gary on Twitter An anthem is one of those kinds of songs that comes under the heading of, “Hard to define, but you’ll recognize it when […]