More Essential Chord Progressions
  "More Essential Chord Progressions"
by Gary Ewer
© 2008, Pantomime Music Publications
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"More Essential Chord Progressions" is full of interesting chord progressions that you can use in your songs as is, or modify as you see fit.

As a companion text to "Essential Chord Progressions", this e-book contains:

  • More progressions, in both major and minor keys;
  • Progressions that start and end in different keys;
  • Using suspensions (chords that contain a non-chord tone which resolves downward);
  • Dominant chord formulas;
  • Inverted pedal point (an upper note that is sustained throughout a progression)
  • Circle of fifths progressions;
  • Chord planing (taking a chord sonority and moving all tones together);

If you find that bad chord progressions are holding you back from being the songwriter you've always wanted to be, you need this e-book!