Essential Chord Progressions
  "Essential Chord Progressions"
Written by Gary Ewer
© 2006, Pantomime Music Publications
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"Essential Chord Progressions" is full of progressions. 53 pages, to be exact. Progressions that will stimulate your imagination and allow you to get going writing the songs you've been wanting to write for ages.

Don't get stuck at the chord-progression stage of writing songs. Keep reading below, and you'll probably find that "Essential Chord Progressions" is what you've been looking for.

"Essential Chord Progressions" gives you loads of progressions! With guitar fretboard diagrams. In several different keys, with easy instructions on how to transpose them to even more keys.


  • Standard progressions of all types;
  • Progressions that include secondary dominant chords, modal mixtures, etc.
  • Progressions that help you change key;
  • Chord changes suitable for pop, rock, country, folk, jazz and more.
  • 12-bar blues and other standard progressions.

Hundreds of progressions you can use right now in your songs, or modify to suit your needs!

From simple progressions to more complex ones... progressions that use pedal tones, secondary dominants, suspensions. In major and minor keys. If what you really want is to get going writing your songs, and you don't want to sweat it out over chords - you need this e-book.

One of the best ways to learn how to make your chord progressions work is to examine chord progressions that work. And that's what this e-book gives you. Fifty-three pages of chord progressions! And from these progressions you'll discover how the best ones work, and you'll be coming up with your own.

This e-book is a companion text to "The Essential Secrets of Songwriting." Download them, along with the course "The Essential Secrets of Songwriting - LESSONS" and finally become the songwriter you've always wanted to be.