Songwriting and the Fear of Not Being Great

If you’re a songwriter, you’ve already dealt with writer’s block. Everyone feels it in its mildest form at least, and most feel it from time to time at a moderate level. For some, writer’s block becomes severe; it digs its heels in and lasts for months or longer, and can be debilitating. It may seem […]

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Why Should Melodies Move Higher From Verse to Chorus?

There’s one common characteristic that exists between the different music genres of pop, rock, country, folk and their related subgenres: they all usually use a singer. There are instrumental tunes, of course, but not that many. For most songwriters, it’s all about writing a melody that’s going to get sung. ________ What are you using […]

The Musical Experiences that Inspire Us

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Goal-Oriented Songwriting: Chord Progressions

You can strengthen chord progressions by defining a goal and then working backwards. ___________ Buy “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” eBook Bundle, and get back to songwriting excellence. ___________ Yesterday, we looked at how to work backwards with lyrics. We saw that getting the chorus lyrics working first made it easier to work out verse ideas. […]

Check Out "Songwriters On Process"

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