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Working Flat-III, Flat-VI, and Flat-VII Into a Major Progression

First, a Bit of Basic Theory… For any given major key, there are 7 chords that occur naturally, one built on each note of the scale. In the key of C major, that gives you these chords: C Dm Em F G Am Bdim According to the very popular HookTheory website, the 3 most commonly […]

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Ideas For Keeping a Songwriting Journal

If you play a musical instrument, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll spend a good deal of time practicing. But as a songwriter, you may not consider practicing to be a big part of improving your abilities. But practicing your songwriting is important. It doesn’t just hone skills, it helps keep writer’s block at bay by giving you […]

Creative Chord Progressions

New eBook: “Creative Chord Progressions”

I’ve just finished a new eBook for those of you who are looking for a creative solution to the chord progressions you’re experimenting with in your songs. “Creative Chord Progressions” is a free add-on to “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 10-eBook Bundle, and is available now to new purchasers. It is in high-quality PDF format. [NOTE: If […]

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Balancing Innovation and Predictability in Songwriting

It’s a normal desire for songwriters to place a high priority on building a fan base. Your purpose in writing might be to express your thoughts and opinions in your own musical style – whether or not it makes friends or enemies – but it’s rare to do that with no thought to bringing a […]

Adjudicating Today – New Blog Post Tomorrow

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying 3 days of adjudicating at the Truro (Nova Scotia) Music Festival. It’s mainly concert bands that I’ve been listening to, and the festival gives me the opportunity to do workshops with the students. We are certainly blessed with some very fine, dedicated music teachers who work hard to bring out and […]

Essential Secrets of Songwriting Bundle

Songwriting eBook Bundle Sale On Right Now

Just a quick note for you – I have a total of 10 songwriting ebooks that I sell on my online store. The price of the entire set (the “Deluxe Bundle”) has been cut. You can now purchase that entire bundle at $10 off the normal price. That sale started today (Feb. 11, 2016) and […]