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The Business End of Songwriting

Spending your days writing songs might be your dream job, but if it really is a job, you’re going to have to put your guitar down once in a while and deal with the business end of songwriting.

But all the words we associate with songwriting business — royalties, copyright, splits, points, etc. — can be confusing if you don’t deal with it very often.

If you hope to make songwriting at least part of your future earnings, I found a video that does a pretty good job of breaking it all down and letting you know what to do, and what to expect from a career in songwriting, particularly if you’re partnering up with other songwriters, producers and other industry people.

It’s called “How Do Producer and Songwriter Splits Work?” from the “Ari’s Take” YouTube channel. It’s short — about 8 minutes — but it’s quite informative. And if you check out other videos from Ari Herstand’s “Ari’s Take” channel, you’ll find other music-business-related videos that might be helpful.

As with anything on the internet, it’s best to check out several different sources, and a simple YouTube search will give you lots of options for videos that will give you good advice.

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