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Starting Your Day With a Songwriting Session

If you’re the kind of songwriter who can’t even imagine starting the day off by writing music, I hope you’ll consider at least giving it a try. You may have always considered yourself an evening/nighttime songwriter, but radically changing that can offer impressive results.

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For most, starting the day with a songwriting session is simply a matter of reworking your schedule. If you work or go to school, it usually means getting up a little earlier — not usually something that’s going to put a smile on your face.

So the question is… why an early-morning songwriting session? What can you achieve at that time that you can’t achieve later in the day?

There are several benefits:

  1. You start your day with the potential of feeling really successful. We’re less likely to engage our editing response to the things we write in the morning.
  2. You don’t have to think during the day about how and when to fit your songwriting in for that day.
  3. You start your day by doing something that stimulates your mind.

There is ample scientific evidence to suggest that our creative minds are awake and ready to work early in the morning, even if we don’t think we feel that way. Our “editing” mind kicks in a bit later. The editing mind can play havoc with our creative minds by making us second-guess ourselves, and doubt the quality of the things we write.

If you’ve always considered yourself a night owl and never thought about switching that up and trying some morning writing, you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t take a big change in your routine.

Just try getting up 15 minutes earlier than you usually do, and try a quick 10-minute writing session for a few days to see if it works for you.

If this is a radical departure for how you normally work, try it for a week, and then let me know in the comments below how it’s working for you.

Gary EwerWritten by Gary Ewer. Follow Gary on Twitter.

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