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Improving Your Songs With Private Skype Sessions

I’ve been offering private songwriting sessions for the past few years to interested songwriters, and every spring I put out a reminder of my availability. The fall and winter are very busy times for me as I do a lot of conducting, writing and adjudicating. But once May hits, I find my schedule pleasantly freed up. So if you’ve been struggling with a song, trying to get it working and needing an extra set of ears to help, I’m very willing to offer my services.

I have a page on this blog that describes what I offer in an hourly Skype songwriting session, and so if you have an interest in this and want more details, please visit that page: Skype Songwriting Sessions With Gary Ewer. The cost per session is $65 USD.

How a Songwriting Session With Me Works

In these sessions, I offer tips and advice, ideas that you can feel free to use or reject. It all starts with you choosing one song that you’ve been working on, and then prior to our Skype session I would give your song several listens and make notes regarding what I like and what I think could be improved.

At the session, we’d discuss those ideas, and I’d get a sense of who you are as a songwriter, what motivates you to write, and suggest ways to improve or otherwise polish your songwriting process.

You should note that my expertise is in songwriting and other genres of composition and musical arrangement, not production or recording techniques. So if you are trying to solve issues related to recording, mixing, loops, etc., these sessions won’t help. I’ll be working with you on song structure, writing and analyzing melodies, lyrics, helping with chord progressions, pulling all of your song’s elements together – that sort of thing.

My aim at the end of any session is that you would have tangible ideas to try with the song you’re working on, but also ideas to consider that will affect how you write going forward.

If you want to see the kinds of things I look for in music, and the way I analyze what I’m hearing, you might check out my YouTube channel.

If you’ve been struggling with any aspect of songwriting, I look forward to working with you!

Skype Songwriting Sessions With Gary Ewer

$65 USD per session

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