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Skype Songwriting Sessions

Occasionally, I find that I have time to offer private video (Skype) songwriting sessions to interested songwriters. If you’ve been working on songs that you’re finding hard to finish, or songs that have problems you simply can’t identify, I’d like to help. My schedule will allow for me to work with 5 songwriters.

Rather than give all the particulars here, please visit this page for details.

Please note that in these sessions with you I’ll be working mainly from a recording of your song(s) for which you’ll be sending me a link to a streaming service you use. So the assumption is that interested songwriters should have recorded their songs (even if in rough form), and that they are being streamed from some online service.

So if working in a private Skype session sounds like a method that might work for you, I’d be happy to schedule sessions with you.


-Gary Ewer

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