FREE OFFER: Easy Music Theory, Songwriter’s Edition

Many of you know that I have had a video-based music theory course for sale. “Easy Music Theory” is a 25-lesson course in music rudiments, something I created more than 15 years ago now. It’s a course that I used with my own university music students.

I have recently created a Songwriter’s Edition of that course by pulling together 12 lessons that I think are most pertinent to the topic of songwriting. This edition is priced at $39, But I am offering that Songwriter’s Edition FREE to any songwriter purchasing “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 10-eBook Deluxe Bundle.

The normal pricing for these two items are: Deluxe Bundle: $37; Songwriter’s Edition of “Easy Music Theory”: $39. DISCOUNTED PRICE FOR BOTH: $37 USD

A few things about the theory course:

  1. At this point, the videos are in Flash format, so they require a Flash-capable device to watch. (Most laptops and desktops will play them.)
  2. In addition to videos, the written materials are all in PDF format.
  3. The course is meant to be self-directed, which means you should be able to learn the materials without the need for a teacher.
  4. Very soon, I’ll be offering a discounted bundle for songwriters who wish to have the entire 25-lesson course.

I used this course to teach students entering music at the university level who needed extra help understanding the rudiments of music. Practically all of the students who did the full version of this course passed their university entrance rudiments exam. The students in my own course usually passed with a mark above 90%, so I know it works.

This offer will expire at any time, and I don’t plan for it to be discounted for long, so you will want to take advantage of this free offer if you have any desire to learn the basic rudiments of music.

I’ve always been a strong advocate for as full an understanding of the basics of music as a way to improve songwriting, so now is your chance to really learn. You can purchase 10 songwriting eBooks for $37, and get a free copy of “Easy Music Theory, Songwriter’s Edition” today.

GET (or read more about) THIS FREE OFFER

-Gary Ewer

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