Gary Ewer - 5 Reasons To Include a Bridge In a Song's Design

New Songwriting Video: 5 Reasons To Include a Bridge In a Song’s Design

I’ve just published a new songwriting video today, “5 Reasons to Include a Bridge in a Song’s Design“. It’s based on posts I’ve done in the past on this blog about the bridge section, and looks at five situations that arise in a song that can be dealt with by including a bridge.

In truth, there are more reasons than the five I mention in the video, because it doesn’t deal with other bridge-like structures such as instrumental solos, or bridges in songs without a chorus.

But this will give you the fundamentals involved in this very creative part of songwriting, and perhaps give you ideas you can experiment with as you work to finish your latest song.

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You can view the new video by clicking here, or view it below.

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