Your Music is a Kindness That the World Needs

To all my blog readers, I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and I hope you are able to spend whichever seasonal holiday you embrace with family and friends.

This is a perfect time of year to reflect on this wonderful gift you possess — the gift of writing music for others to listen to and enjoy.

Composing music gives us a mixture of fun and frustration, though sometimes we tend toward remembering the frustration more than the fun! It is important to remember that everything you do is unique. No one writes music quite the way you do. It is a special gift.

And in a world where it is too often easier to let bad news prevail in our thoughts, and too easy to ignore or forget the good things in life, you possess an important tool for bringing joy to others.

Your music can serve as a reminder to your friends, family and fans that there is much more good in the world than bad. Your songs don’t even need to specifically contain a message of hope or optimism. The very act of creating music is, if you will, a random act of kindness that world needs more of.

You would do well to remind yourself of that on days where it seems difficult to write music. Bringing joy to even just one person makes the act of composing a very worthwhile and important — even a vital — activity.

A Merry Christmas to you all, and here’s to a wonderful and successful 2016!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you too Sir! Your writing and descriptions on improving and fine tuning our music skills has been impeccable. Thank you for what you do. We appreciate you.

  2. Thanks for such an encouragement & quite an inspiration to song-writing…
    Cheers to you, Gary & your family too!
    Have a great 2016

  3. So well put, Gary. Thank you for this important reminder.

    We can be so easily overwhelmed by commercial definitions of success that we lose site of what it means to create for ourselves and others in the small ways that really make a difference.

    Your message can help keep us grounded in that respect.

    Seasons greetings!

  4. Wow! Gary you have a wonderful way with words, and your
    advice , via blogs and E books are second to none.

    I am sure I speak for many others here in wishing you
    A Happy Family Christmas and a New Year That Exceeds
    All Your Expectations

    Sincerely Peter Wood – Jenkins

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